Self-Paced Courses

nurse discussing alcohol consumption with patient

Screening and Brief Intervention for Alcohol and Opioid/Substance Use

This course is designed as a comprehensive evidence-based approach for facilitating conversations between patients/clients and healthcare providers in medical and community health settings regarding alcohol and opioid/substance use.

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Communication Skills for Medical Assistants: Strategies for FASD Prevention

This course helps medical assistants serve varying roles, from identifying patients at risk by administering the standardized screening instruments, exchanging relevant health information, providing warm hand offs to other health care professionals, and educating others in their office about the importance of engaging in FASD prevention.

Female Patient And Doctor Have Consultation In Hospital Room


The four online training modules will provide participants the opportunity to gain awareness around epidemiological trends and data regarding the percentage of the US population participating in risky alcohol and other drug use, and medical conditions associated with risky drinking and drug use.

Employee or Company Engagement Concept

Promoting Awareness of Motivational Incentives: PAMI

A Two-Part Online Video Training designed to build awareness of motivational incentives as a research-based adjunct to therapeutic strategy within the addiction treatment field. Motivational incentive programs that use low-cost reinforcement delivered with on-site urine screening promotes higher rates of treatment retention & abstinence.

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Inside Out: Peer Mentor Training

Through this online training potential mentors are provided information about recovery, how recovery has been supported within the college environment, and some complicating factors that might emerge with students as they travel their path of recovery.