Screening and Brief Intervention for Alcohol Use [Limited Release]

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Screening and Brief Intervention for Alcohol Use [Limited Release]

The Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (aSBI) for Healthcare Professionals course is designed as a comprehensive evidence-based approach for facilitating conversations between patients and healthcare providers regarding alcohol use. The course includes a didactic component on aSBI, and interactive guided encounter component with simulated patients/clients, and three practice aSBI encounters using a ‘choose your own adventure’ with three scrips, either with a pregnant woman, a non-pregnant woman or an adult male.


  • Learner will become knowledgeable about the Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (aSBI) technique for reducing alcohol use.
  • Learner will experience the aSBI with interactive guided encounters with patients/clients.
  • Learner will have greater confidence in discussing alcohol use with their patients/clients as a result of completing the aSBI online training program.
nurse discussing alcohol consumption with patient

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